Criteria for eligibility – EXAP

Business models or eligible expenses submitted under EXAP must meet the program’s objectives. It is the applicant’s expertise that will determine the most appropriate business model. For example, all of the following business models or expenses are acceptable:

  • creating a development fund for projects intended for export;
  • developing a portfolio of pilot programs and/or formats intended for export;
  • supporting a marketing platform for audiovisual content;
  • developing more advanced tools to facilitate marketing (such as tools for dubbing, subtitling, rebranding or models).

However, the following expenses are inadmissible:

  • expenses currently covered by government programs;
  • travel expenses (plane tickets and hotels);
  • costs of maintaining a presence in a given market.

Furthermore, the business models should respect the following criteria:

  • encourage Canadian content production;
  • contribute to the improvement of the Canadian broadcasting system;
  • includ, eventually, broadcast on Canadian television;
  • applicant profile should be: producer, distributors or broadcaster;
  • prove the company’s headquarters and decision-making centre are in Quebec;
  • show the company is more than five (5) years old and/or the applicant has over fifteen (15) years of experience in the audiovisual sector. In all cases the applicant must have previous experience in content marketing or exportation;
  • respect the Quebecor Fund’s requirements for financial contribution.

When granting financial assistance, the Quebecor Fund favours following criteria:

  • a business partner in development and/or marketing;
  • confirmation for obtaining a broadcasting licence and/or the financial participation of a broadcaster in the project development, at the time of the application;
  • content intended for multiplatform distribution;
  • the project allows for the consolidation of expertise in the development or marketing of audiovisual content for export;
  • creation of intellectual property rights;
  • demonstrates the economic benefits for Quebec;
  • the applicant shows entrepreneurial spirit and is willing to take risks.