General rules

General eligibility criteria

Applicants must have a legal personality operating in Quebec or Canada, be under Quebec or Canadian control and have a head office in Quebec or Canada.

The applicant must hold all rights in order to be allowed to develop, produce, broadcast and completely carry out the production, as well as have a permanent financial interest in the project. The applicant must provide the Quebecor Fund with the chain of intellectual property rights to be able to demonstrate that this requirement is respected.

In the case of a co-production, the sum of the rights of each co-producer must total all the rights of any nature whatsoever, including authorship rights to allow the producing, broadcasting and complete operation of the development, production, broadcast and full exploitation, without time or territorial limitations. The chain of intellectual property must demonstrate that this requirement is respected.

An international co-production approved by Telefilm Canada/SODEC under co-production, subject to a formal agreement, is eligible if all other criteria established by the Quebecor Fund are met.

Projects or business models for which a financial contribution is requested may come from either one or several producers, distributors or broadcasters, as long as the project, whether for television, film, event or interactive multimedia, is dealt with as a single project and that a single application is filed with the Quebecor Fund. Moreover, if a project is filed in a context of a co-production or partnership, a single representative must be given full authority in dealing with the Quebecor Fund; throughout the process, any and all transmission of documents will have to combine and include all aspects of the project.

The project will have to be produced by Canadian creative artisans, with the acknowledgement that the production must obtain the certification of Canadian production as established by the accreditation system of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

To be eligible for a financial contribution, the applicant must prove that a PU has acquired a broadcasting licence, or will acquire one (in the case of a EXAP) according to industry standards, and submit a written commitment by the PU to the Quebecor Fund indicating it will broadcast the production in Canada within two (2) years of the production end date. The payment of the licence must be made entirely in cash and may not be partly paid in services. The payment must constitute a pre-sale and must be fully invested by the producer in the production.

Not admissible for contribution from the Quebecor Fund are sports programming projects (Category 6 according to the CRTC categories), current affairs type reports (Category 3 according to the CRTC categories) or news programming (Category 1 according to the CRTC categories), promotional projects such as infomercials or reports of a promotional nature, internal content reports or other promotional interlude programming commonly used by the PUs, games developed for the video arcade market, products developed exclusively for stand-alone devices such as CD-ROMS, DVDs or any other stand-alone device currently in use or to be developed in the future, as well as fully sponsored projects.


Rules regarding production

The Quebecor Fund logo, as well as the following mention: “with the financial support of Quebecor Fund”, must appear, if applicable, in the television program credits, feature film credits, on the website, within all multiplatform components and in all the production’s advertising and promotional material.


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Administrative procedures

Any completed application will be evaluated as soon as possible and at the latest within eight (8) weeks of the official filing date, if applicable. The Quebecor Fund will refuse all applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline for filing an application, if applicable.

Among other things, the applications will be evaluated based on program guidelines, content quality, the proposed project’s creative, interactive, technical and financial aspects, its marketing plan as well as the multiplatform operation.

The Quebecor Fund’s Board of directors has complete discretion regarding the interpretation of the program guidelines as well as the evaluation and analysis of any and all applications. The Quebecor Fund has no obligation whatsoever to justify or motivate its decision to refuse an application. Unless it is legally obligated to do so, the Quebecor Fund will not comment publicly on the reasons motivating its refusal of an application.

The applicant whose project is approved by the Board must, within ninety (90) days of acknowledging said decision, complete a definitive version of the project’s financing. Should the said definitive financing not be completed within this time period, the Quebecor Fund's contribution may be cancelled, all at the sole discretion of the Board of directors.

An applicant whose project has been accepted for funding must sign an agreement with the Quebecor Fund. No obligation can be imposed upon the Quebecor Fund until after said agreement is signed. The agreement will set out the conditions for the Quebecor Fund's financial contribution, and the Quebecor Fund's obligations will be limited to those expressly provided for in that agreement.

The Quebecor Fund reserves the right to request and obtain a copy of the completed production, at the producer’s expense.

An audited statement of production costs, if applicable, must be sent to the Quebecor Fund at the end of the production's first complete financial year.



Confidentiality agreement

Once an application has been filed, the Quebecor Fund will have access to information about the applicant's activities and certain information will be considered confidential, whether it is identified as "confidential" or not (hereinafter "Confidential Information"). Therefore, the Quebecor Fund, its representatives and employees agree, directly or indirectly, not to disclose, communicate or use the Confidential Information received in any way. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Quebecor Fund may disclose the Confidential Information to its legal and financial advisors or other persons with whom it does business, however, the Quebecor Fund will obtain a confidentiality agreement similar to this agreement from such persons.

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